Mercy for the Frozen/Misericordia 

The second single off of CHV.VOLK's upcoming second album. This darkwave electronic track is my cry for help for those struggling with addiction. The song's icy soundscapes and lyrics are obvious references to the demons caused by the influence of drugs. It was very important to me to write a Spanish version of this song, since addiction is a universal issue. After a few writing sessions Misericordia was perfected and completed. Lyrically Misericoridia compares drugs to the devil, but the overall message is one of hope.










Nephilim in Bethlehem

The lead single off of CHV.VOLK's second upcoming album. It is told through the lens of Matthew Chapter 12: 33-37. This track is a noisy take on the battle of good and evil. Do we choose to be pure or allow our surroundings to corrupt us?